who are we?
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who are we?

who are we?

Hi, it’s great to meet you!
We are Commercial Digital Solutions, but you can call us CDS. We are an award winning and proudly
South African, nationwide operation, rooted in the bustling business hub of Kempton Park, Gauteng.
We are passionately dedicated to sourcing, implementing and managing a vast variety of print,
automation and software solutions for our valued clients, spanning across a broad scope of
industries throughout sunny South Africa. From general multi-functional devices to industrial and
commercial printers, CDS does it all – promoted by a world class consultancy and expert driven
experience, of course.
Commercial Digital Solutions is an honoured and illustrious Platinum Dealer of the Ricoh brand. Our
devoted allegiance to the Global Trademark is motivated by a connectedness that measures far
beyond product; with a deeply and intrinsically shared value for quality, creativity, innovation and
partnership. It is our common goal to bring people, technology and processes together for positive
business transformation – a vision fundamentally embedded at the very core of our company.
CDS was born in 2017, and founded by our MD, Adrian van der Merwe. With over 13 years in the
print industry, Adrian’s expertise is in a league of its own! Having spent 8 and a half years mastering
his knowledge and skillset, particularly in production print at Ricoh South Africa – his obsessive
passion for the industry entwined with his natural entrepreneurial drive, inevitably led to the
inception of his very own business and Ricoh Dealership, Commercial Digital Solutions. Over the last
few years, Adrian and the CDS team (consisting mainly of former Head Office members), have
eagerly developed a remarkable brand, whilst securing a strong and prestigious client portfolio.
There are exciting times ahead for CDS, as Adrian works tirelessly to improve, grow and exceed all
limits in 2020, as we cross over the threshold into a new era.
With a steadfast commitment to delivering on our customer engagements, we maintain an exclusive
level of customer service, powered by our diverse and dynamic team; a troop of employees who are
as loyal to our clients as they are to our brand. It is our cornerstone mission, to seamlessly integrate
our esteemed systems and products with the workflows and business models of our clients. Our
trained engineers form an integral part of our operation, as a fundamental support structure
responsible for the installing, launching and smooth running of our Ricoh product range – the Rolls
Royce of intelligent business solutions. Appreciating the clients every need, we strive to add value to
our products and services that far outweigh the cost. “We choose to see our clients as our business
partners, and not just another ticket, says Adrian. None of our industry awards would have been
possible without the unwavering support of our clients.”
The foundation of our organisation is governed by five key principles that have steered and moulded
Commercial Digital Solutions into a flourishing brand;

  1. Our Service Benchmark

We don’t believe in “box dropping”. In fact, our sales consultants strive to tailor make client-
centric solutions right from inception. By conducting a thorough consultation initially, we are

able to make informative and calculated recommendations that best suit the client’s needs,
specifications and budget.

  1. Connectivity and Community
    Enriching the lives of others is a core value for Commercial Digital Solutions. We strive to
    ensure that this philosophy is relationship driven and flows from within the CDS family, and
    outward to our customers and community. Communication and a sense of togetherness
    structure the foreground of our company culture and brand.
  2. Empowering Workplaces
    Agility is both a mind-set and an ability for businesses to respond quickly to changes, trends
    and new markets. The innovative and intelligent technology of our Ricoh products
    empowers businesses to transition into this flexible space; a viewpoint that could not be
    more relevant amid the 2020 Global Pandemic.
  3. Quality Control
    As a collective, CDS continues to confidently strive for consistency and perfection when it
    comes to our products, reputation and contribution to our industry. Print media has never
    been more exciting, as we find new and innovative ways to bring content to life through
  4. Embracing Technology
    We guide our clients into lean and paperless, digital-centric operations with the ever
    evolving, mind blowing advances in modern technology. Automating processes, improving
    accuracy, reducing wastage, saving time and bolstering efficiency across a scope of
    industries and organisations.
    It is the on basis of these principles that we have been privileged enough to work with some of the
    most reputable, respected and well known business brands in South Africa. While CDS continues to
    execute our mission on improving, developing and nourishing our presence in the industry, we are
    absolutely ecstatic to be rolling out a newly developed brand strategy, bringing our clients and
    followers an array of informative content including blogs and newsletters, social media
    engagements, product and company features and the latest on industry trends. As we venture into
    the new “business as usual”, Commercial Digital Solutions has adopted a proactive, positive and
    promising approach as we surge onwards and upwards.
    We are proudly CDS!
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